Intercomp - CW500 Cargo Scale


180022 10x14


15000kg / 30000lb

Pan Size:

10' x 14'


  • - Easily set up in almost any environment
  • - Rugged design for the most abusive applications
  • - Available in a multitude of sizes and capacities
  • - Optional Ramps and Surround Guards for easy access and fork lift protection


This scale now makes it possible to weigh pallets AND vehicles in one easy-to-assemble deck. No longer do you need both pallet and truck scales when this scale can do it all!

Above or below ground installation, indoor or outdoor use and all the necessary functions for this cost effective alternative to traditional weighing methods make this scale an excellent choice for your material handling applications.

The low-profile height and optional ramps make this scale easily approachable and it's rugged design ensures the scale will hold up for the most abusive applications.

Whether you need to weigh a box, over-sized pallet, or custom pieces, this scale offers the most diverse solution. Also available in a Roller Deck scale to speed up weighing of multiple pallets.

Intercomp also offers various other options for these scales including wheel, cabling and indicators.


Part Number Description
100011 GP1000 Indicator
100635 GP1200 Indicator
100607 Stainless Steel Load Cells Per Scale
100620 Hermetically Sealed Load Cells
100605 Bump Guard and 2 L Brackets
100606 Forklift Channels
100602 Pit Frame
100619 Ramp 3' x 3'
100643 Ramp 4' x 3'
100644 Ramp 5' x 3'
100646 Ramp 6' x 3'
180043 Ramp 6' x 4'
180039 Ramp 8' x 4'
180037 Ramp 10' x 4'

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