Chatillon - 4200 Series, 9 inch Hanging Dial Scale




  • - 30 lb x 1/2 oz with AS pan
  • - H44 Class lll "Legal for Trade"
  • - Full Capacity in 3 Revolutions
  • - Double Dial 9 inch Glass Covered


The CHATILLON® 4200 Series hanging scale are world-renown for their accuracy, dependability and reliability. The 4200 Series feature a glass-covered 9-inch double dial featuring bold black numbers and graduations. Pointers are a contrasting red. Scales feature a fully supported stainless steel pinion in oil-less bearings and a precisely mated bronze rack for rugged dependability. Scale capacity is achieved in three pointer revolutions.


Part Number Description
5854 Bottom Hook
SPK-SCALE-AS AS Pan Assembly
7436-1 AS Pan
16097 Bow, AS Pan
16098 Ring, AS Pan

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