Minebea intec - Painted Steel Combics Platforms




30kg / 60lb


0.001kg / 0.002lb

Pan Size:

18" x 18"


  • - Accuracy 3000 d class III, 15,000d and 30,000d
  • - IP65 Load Cell
  • - Painted Sub assemble with Stainless Cover


Sartorius platforms are the basis for a number of weighing task in industry. From the compact basic model for benchtop installation to rugged floor scales the selection of sizes and capacities will fit all applications


Part Number Description
YAS99I Connection Kit to analog platform
YDH02CISUS Wall mount bracket
YAS07CI Panel mount kit, with gasket
YAR-CWS-24US Drive on Ramp Stainless 24" x 24"
YAR-CWS-30US Drive on Ramp Stainless 30" x 30"
YAR-CWS-36US Drive on Ramp Stainless 36" x 36"
YAR-CWS-48US Drive on Ramp Stainless 48" x 48"
YEG-HG-PUS Pit frame 30" x 24" Painted
YEG-HH-PUS Pit frame 30" x 30" Painted
YPF01KKP-MUS Pit frame 36" x 36" Painted