Ohaus - CKW Checkweigher




15000g / 15kg / 30lb


2.g / 0.002kg / 0.005lb

Pan Size:

12" X 12"


  • - LED Display with trafic LED bar graph
  • - RS232 Interface
  • - NEMA 4x stainless stell construction
  • - Multiple weighing units: kg, g, lb, oz, lb:oz, %


Ohaus CKW Series Scales are engineered for static checkweighing operations and other types of bench
weighing applications – from general purpose to washdown. With their easy-to-clean design to minimise
food traps, food safety conformance, and rigid stainless steel construction, CKW Series scales are ideally
suited for years of use in harsh environments and other wet-environment applications. Its multiple
configurability and construction were designed for simplicity and dependability that the user needs,
resulting in increased productivity, security and lower cost of ownership.


Part Number Description
71167964 Wall Mount Kit
71167965 RS422/485 Kit
71167966 Rechargeable Battery Kit
71167967 Relay Kit, AC
71173377 Relay Kit, DC
71173378 Foot Switch Kit

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