Mettler Toledo - XSR Semi-Micro Balances







Pan Size:

78mm x 73MM


  • - 41/120 grams x 0.01/0.1 milligram
  • - Color Touchscreen (Glove Compatible)
  • - Ergo Clip for Direct Dosing
  • - SmartGrid Weighing Pan
  • - 4 USB Ports and 1 LAN Port
  • - Balance Ready Status Light
  • - LevelControl: Level Warning with Graphical Leveling Guide


The Mettler Toledo XSR analytical balances deliver the high weighing accuracy you want whilst providing the convenient operation you need. Clever features, such as SmartGrid, automated doors and the results protocol, simplify your routine weighing tasks and take the stresses and strains out of weighing.
Built-in applications support you with everyday weighing tasks. Your own weighing methods can be saved on the balance and conveniently started from the method window. StatusLight™ checks that all the conditions for correct weighing have been met to ensure your results are reliable.


Part Number Description
30215452 Compact Ionizer with Stand
30300915 ErgoSens, USB, Optical Sensor
30094674 P-58RUE Thermal Printer
30094723 Thermal Paper, 10 Rolls, P-58RUE
30094725 Thermal labels, 6 Rolls, P-58RUE
30086495 Bluetooth Adapter, Pair
11123102 CarePac Weight Set, 100g/5g
30300968 Terminal Protective Cover
B39990023 EQPac, Service and Setup

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