Ohaus - Courier 7000




125kg / 250lb


0.02kg / 0.05lb

Pan Size:

18" x 18"


  • - 250lb/125kg x 0.05lb/0.02kg
  • - 7 Segment LCD Display with White Backlight
  • - Standard AC Adapter or 4 AA Batteries
  • - Multiple Weighing Units Gram;Kilogram;Ounce;Pound;Pound:Ounce


The Courier 7000 Series is designed specifically for the needs of manufacturing, distribution, and office shipping. The Courier 7000 Series features intuitive integration with PC-based shipping software so that data is captured accurately and efficiently – every time.


Part Number Description
30745880 2nd RS232 Kit
30745882 Ethernet Kit Courier 7000
30745881 WiFi Kit for Courier 7000
30819625 Ball Top Lit 305mm x 355mm
30819627 Ball Top Kit 458mm x 458mm
30819648 Ball Top Kit 611mm x 611mm
30819626 Roller Top Kit 305mm x 355mm
30819649 Roller Top Kit 458mm x 458mm
30819650 Roller Top Kit 611mm x 611mm

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