Chatillon - PPB Series Bench Platform Scales



Pan Size:

12" x 17"


  • - 131lb x 5lb, Left 5lb x 1oz, Right 1lb x 0.01lb
  • - Full Capacity Beam Construction with Sliding Attached Poise
  • - Steel Housing with Floating Platform
  • - Notched Beam for Fast, Easy Reading - Mirrored Balance Indicators


The CHATILLON® PBB Series portable bench beam scales are ideal for laboratory, industrial, educational or commercial use. Constructed of steel and cast aluminum, PBB scales feature adjustable, hardened-steel pivots and self-aligning steel bearings for lasting accuracy. Built-in platform and steel locking mechanisms help ensure safe and secure operation and transportability. Models are available in metric and avoirdupois units of measure with mirrored balance indicators and easy-to-read graduations. Avoirdupois models may be read in either ounce or decimal pounds. An additional sliding poise permits blank taring up to 10 lbs. Metric models have a 2 kg tare capability on a secondary poise. The platform measures 12 x 17-inches (305 x 432 mm). The bottom left or right beam sections may be used as a measured tare bar. H44 Class lll "Legal for Trade" models are available.


Part Number Description
16076 Platform Cover

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