Sartorius - Practum Precision Balances







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  • - Touchscreen with intuitive operation
  • - 7 integrated application programs
  • - External calibration weight included
  • - PC-Direct data transfer


The dependable, rugged-built weigh cell of the Practum® balance ensures that even entry-level users will start weighing right and obtain professional, accurate results at all times. The easy-to-use menu guides the user intuitively through standard built-in applications, such as weighing, counting, peak hold to “lock in” the highest reading of a measurement series, and weighing under unstable conditions. The supervisor lock enables educators to prevent unintentional changes to the menu settings that control the balance’s weighing performance or data transfer in order to rule out operating errors. Moreover, Practum® transfers weighing data and results over its mini-USB port directly to standard software, such as Microsoft® Office or OpenOffice. The housing of the balance is easy to clean. In particular, the draft shield can be readily disassembled and its individual glass panels simply exchanged. These features make the Sartorius Practum® balance the ideal entry-level weighing instrument for education at schools and universities and training in laboratories.


Part Number Description
YDP30 Premium GLP Lab Printer
69Y032585 Standard Paper and Ink Ribbon Set
69Y03286 Self Adhesive Paper and Ink Ribbon Set
YDP40 Standard Thermal Lab Printer
69Y03287 Standard Paper for YDP30 and YDP40, 5 rolls
YRB11Z External Rechargeable Battery Pack
YCC04-D09 Data cable mini USB/USB A
YCC03-D09 Data cable mini USB/RS232 9-pin
YDK03 Density kit for 0.0001 g/0.001 g balances
YDK04 Density kit for 0.01 g balances
6960SE01 In-use cover for 0.0001 g/0.001 g balances
6960SE02 In-use cover for 0.01 g balances

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