A & D Weighing - BM Series Micro Balance





Pan Size:



  • - Resolution to 0.001mg
  • - Built-in fan;ess static eliminator
  • - Anti static glass
  • - Percent and Counting Modes
  • - RS-232C Interface and USB
  • - AD-1688 Weighing Data logger included


Weighing is at the heart of many laboratory processes and the BM Series(Ion Series) offers the features, performance and standard accessories to bring real convenience to your lab. With the six balances of the Ion Series, you can choose a capacity as high as 520 g or a microbalance with readability down to 1 μg.


Part Number Description
BM-08 Ethernet Option BM Series
BM-14 Pipette Accuracy Testing Kit
AD-1671 Anti-Vibration Table (Slab)
AD-1672 Tabletop Breeze Break 27" x 28.5" x 24"
AD-1682 Rechargeable Battery Pack (External)
AD-1684 Electrostatic Fieldmeter
AD-1687 Weighing Environment Logger
AD-1689 Calibration Weight Tweezers (Pack of 5)
AD-1691 Weighing Environment Analyzer
AD-1192 Compact Printer
AD-8121B Multi-function Printer
AD-8922A Remote Controller
AX-BM-031 Display Covers
SW:128 Foot Switch
TB:248 AC Adapter-Standard with Unit

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