Chatillon - DFS-R II Series Dedicated Remote load Sensor




  • - Bluetooth, USB, RS-232, and analog communication
  • - Normal and Peak operating modes
  • - Ideal for test bench intergration


The DFS II R Series is available with a remote SLC load cell, dedicated to the unit to offer the ability to test in locations where a fixed and integral load cell is impractical. This digital force gauge allows the user to change SLC load cells adding the flexibility of having one base indicator and several load cells to meet different testing needs.


Part Number Description
SPK-FMG-011A Flat, 100lbf (#10-32)
SPK-FMG-011B Flat, 500lbf, (5/16-18)
SPK-FMG-012A Hook, Stationary, 50lbf (#10-32)
SPK-FMG-012B Hook, Stationary, 100lbf, (#10-32)
SPK-FMG-012C Hook, Stationary, 500lbf (5/16-18)
SPK-DF2-UNIV Battery Charger