Chatillon - DFX II Series Digital Force Gauges








  • - Normal and Peak operating modes
  • - Integral load Cell
  • - Selectable units of measurements
  • - Economical
  • - With Certificate of Calibration


The Chatillon DFX II Series is a low cost digital force gauge, ideal for applications where users are interested in basic peak measurement, such as the force necessary to depress a button.

Attached to an MT Test Stand, this digital force gauge can measure the maximum Tensile Force applied before a cap comes off a spray can. Used with the optional pistol grip attachment, the DFX II can measure the force necessary to open a door.

This digital force gauge features an integral load cell with a measurement accuracy better than 0.3% FS. A large, easy-to-read, high resolution dot matrix LCD display supports a variety of standard gauge functions including normal peak reading. Selectable language displays and calibration procedure are included in the digital force gauge setup.


Part Number Description
SPK-FMG-008A Chisel Point, 100lbf (#10-32)
SPK-FMG-008B Chisel Point, 500lbf (5/16-18)
SPK-FMG-009A Point, 100lbf (#10-32)
SPK-FMG-009B Point, 500lbf (5/16-18)
SPK-FMG-010A Notch, 100lbf (#10-32)
SPK-FMG-10B Notch, 500lbf (5/16-18)
SPK-FMG-011A Flat, 100lbf (#10-32)
SPK-FMG-011B Flat, 500lbf, (5/16-18)
SPK-FMG-012A Hook, Stationary, 50lbf (#10-32)
SPK-FMG-012B Hook, Stationary, 100lbf, (#10-32)
SPK-FMG-012C Hook, Stationary, 500lbf (5/16-18)
SPK-FMG-013A Extension Rod, Low Capacity (#10-32)
SPK-FMG-013B Extension Road, High Capacity (5/16-18)
SPK-DF2-UNIV Battery Charger