A & D Weighing - HW-C Bench Scale




10kg / 20lb


0.001kg / 0.002lb

Pan Size:

10 x 10


  • - Large, Bright Comparator Lights
  • - Single Range 20lb x 0.002lb 10kg x 0.001kg
  • - Stainless Steel Weighing Pan
  • - Battery Operation
  • - Large LCD Display
  • - Available RS232 or USB Options


HV-C & HV-CP Bench Scale Series improves on the HV-GL Series by adding bright 3-5-7 segment color comparator function for checkweighing and a 10-digit keypad to make entry of comparator and tare values quick and easy. Weighs in lbs, kg, oz. Weighing modes include parts counting and accumulation function for totaling weigh data.


Part Number Description
HVW-02CB USB Interface for HVW-C/CP
HVW-03C RS-232C Interface for HVW-C/CP
HVW-04C Comparator Relay Out/Buzzer for HVW-C
HVW-08C Extension Cable, (5m)
HVW-11C Wall-mount Bracket
HVW-13 Roller Conveyor A36098
HVW-14 Roller Conveyor A36099
HVW-16SSC Swivel/Lock Caster for 30lb Capacities (Each)
HVW-17LSC Swivel/Lock Caster for above 30lb Capacities (Each)
TB:662 Replacement Power Supply