Minebea intec - IS Explosion Proof Platforms Scales




16000g / 16kg / 35lb


0.1g / 0.0001kg / 0.0002lb

Pan Size:

15.8" X 11.8"


  • - For Use in EX-Zone 1,2 Div 1,2
  • - Monolithic Weighing System
  • - Builin Calibration Weight
  • - Standard RS485 Interface


These platforms can be individually configured for the conditions prevailing at the place of use, with parameters for weighing capacities, filters and stability. Up to two precision platforms can be connected to a Combics® EX indicator. Not only that. these platforms can be connected over a Zener barrier / Interface converter to Sartorius controllers of the X-Series (installed in the safe area) for use as weighing sensors in a wide range of applications such as batching, dosing, filling and more. The equipment supplied with the platforms includes certified verification of intrinsic safety covering all components that can be connected to the system. This special service provided by Sartorius makes it easy to generate the documentation of explosion protection required within the scope of occupational safety regulations. Reliable measurement results are guaranteed by the powerful built-in A/D converter and the use of intelligent software algorithms. Ambient interference factors such as temperature changes or vibration are filtered out automatically.


Part Number Description
M26 Cable to IS-X for CAIXS2
A19 RS485 Interface for CAISX2
YDH01CWSUS Column 13", Stainless Steel
YDH02SWSUS Column 19.6", Stainless Steel
YDH03CWSUS Column 25.5", Stainless Steel
YPS02-XUR Power Supply, Hazardous Area
YPS02-ZKR Power Supply, Safe Area