Mettler Toledo - MS Analytical Balance





Pan Size:



  • - 120g x 0.1mg Readability
  • - Extra large 7 inch Touch Screen with 18mm Digits
  • - Full Metal Body of Long Life


The built-in security features on MS-TS analytical balances ensure results are always valid. Operators receive a warning if any problems are encountered or tolerances are not adhered to. Corrective actions can be taken immediately, avoiding costly reworking later.
The Mettler Toledo MS104TS features LevelControl, MinWeigh and automatic internal adjustment with proFACT support compliance with regulations. The ISOLog function maintains a record of all weighing relevant changes to the balance’s settings. For additional security, settings can be passcode protected. The 7” extra-large color TFT touchscreen display is operable through cotton, silicon and rubber gloves.


Part Number Description
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