Mettler Toledo - MS Semi-Microbalance





Pan Size:



  • - Dual Range with 82g x 0.01mg
  • - Precise Results: For consistently accurate results, FACT automatic temperature controlled adjustment uses 2 internal weights to test for sensitivity and non-linearity.
  • - Efficient Handling: Work faster and more ergonomically by opening the draft shield ErgoDoor with one hand whilst simultaneously placing your sample with the other.
  • - Space Saving: The draft shield doors do not project beyond the balance and the interface ports are mounted sideways to make best use of your valuable workspace


Whether you are carrying out a simple routine task or a complicated weighing procedure, NewClassic MS Semi-Micro balances offer a winning combination of strong performance and increased productivity thanks to a fast settling time and consistently reliable results. The Swiss high-precision weighing cell HRT guarantees constant accuracy over the entire weighing range. Clever ErgoDoors make the weighing-in of samples as easy and convenient as possible. The built-in date and time function enables GLP/GMP compliant print outs, ensuring full control and traceability for your research.


Part Number Description
P-58RUE Thermal Label Printer with Advanced Functions and Keypad
P-56RUE Thermal Label Printer
30004077 Density Kit MS-D-54
30014460 Pipette Check Kit MS
11107909 Power Supply, MS Semi-Micro
11600361 Anti-Theft Device
30006615 Protective Cover MS Semi-Micro