Mettler Toledo - XPR Excellence 1mg Analytical Balances







Pan Size:

127mm x 127mm


  • - 310g x 0.001g
  • - Standard Pan and Smart Pan Included
  • - 7 inch color capacitive touchscreen terminal, glove Compatible
  • - Storage of weighing methods (including sample series and tolerances)
  • - Balance ready StatusLight
  • - Easy connectivity and data export: 4 x USB, 1 LAN
  • - Export of process and results data to XML or Excel
  • - proFACT Advanced Internal Adjustment


XPR small platform precision balances deliver
outstanding weighing performance and support the
highest requirements for data integrity and compliance.

Thanks to the extraordinary stability provided by the
unique SmartPan weighing pan, results are delivered
up to twice as fast even under tough weighing
environments. Repeatability is improved up to two-fold.

The state-of-the-art user interface offers intelligent
functions to simplify and support your processes at
every step. With smart quality assurance features
automatically monitoring the status of your balance,
you can rest assured that your results are valid.


Part Number Description
30460823 Ionizer Module
30094674 P-58RUE Thermal Label Printer
30237290 P-52RUE Dot Matrix Printer
30086494 Bluetooth Adapter for Printer
30416089 Bluetooth USB Adapter for Balance
72456 Standard Paper Roll, P52RUE
30094725 Thermal Labels, P-58RUE, 6 Rolls, 550 each
B39990023 EQPac Comprehensive Installation
11120340 LabX Software