Chatillon - SLC Series Load Cells for DFS II-ND




  • - Plug & Play Operation
  • - NIST Calibration with data


The CHATILLON® SLC Series loadcells are full-bridge strain gauge sensors complete with 15-pin plug. These loadcells are used with the Chatillon DFS II-R-ND Series digital indicator. They may also be
used with the Chatillon TCD Series digital force testers (recalibration with a TCD Series Console is required).
The loadcell values and sensitivity factors are stored in memory within the sensor plug. When connected to a DFS-R-ND indicator or TCD Series force tester, the capacity and calibration points are automatically recognized by the instrument. The instrument then becomes a full-featured load measurement instrument. The loadcells are connected to the DFS II-R-ND or TCD Console with a retractable cord that extends fully to nearly 9 ft. (3 m).

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