Chatillon - WT12 Series Dynamometers







  • - Rugged Cast Aluminum Housing
  • - 12 inch Reading Dial is Shatter Resistant
  • - Peak Weight Pointer


The CHATILLON® WT12 Series mechanical dynamometer may be used as a weighing tensiometer or crane scale. This precision weighing instrument features a large 12-inch (305 mm) dial face with shatter-resistant dial cover in a strong aluminum housing. Available with pound or kilogram dial face, the WT12 Series accuracy is better than 0.5% of full scale. A manually engaged clutch "freezes" the pointer at its maximum reading for exact reading of peak weight. Needle bearings in shackles prevent brinneling under heavy loads and eliminate shackle misalignment. Mechanism sealed against dust and dirt. Oiling not required. Dynamometer comes with NIST traceable Certificate of Calibration with Data. Options include carrying case and hooks..


Part Number Description
13400 Safety Eye Hook, 5000lb, 2000kg
13401 Safety Eye Hook, 20,000lb, 10,000kg
13402 Swivel Shackle, 5000lb, 2000kg
13403 Swivel Shackle, 20,000lb, 10,000kg
13404 Swivel Hook, 5000lb, 2000kg
13405 Swivel Hook, 20,000lb, 10,000kg
16026-1 Face Guard
SPK-WT12-Case Carrying Case